Ensol Specimen Collection and Transport System Service
  • Ensol Specimen Collection and Transport System Service

1. Sterile products
ㆍ Transport medium: Produced in sterile GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) facility
ㆍ Tube: E-Beam sterilization
ㆍ Swab: E-Beam sterilization

2. High virus preservation & recovery rate and rapid bacterial growth
ㆍ Human Corona Virus: 95~110% recovery rate in 3 days
ㆍ Chlamydia, Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma recovery tested

3. Stability of transport medium
ㆍ Room temperature storage up to 12 months
ㆍ Stable at 40℃ for 3 months and at 60℃ for 2 months
ㆍ Gamma ray stability to maximum 20kGy

4. Safety of tube and swab
ㆍ 95kPa Pressure leak tested self-stand type tube
ㆍ Polyacetal, water-soluble adhesive swab kit
For any inquiries or questions regarding our products and prices, please contact us in the following ways
ㆍ E-mail : mall@ensolbio.com
ㆍ Tel : +82-42-939-4545

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