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EnsolBio Phytochemicas Mall provides natural phytochemical libraries (ERPL). Our phytochemicals can be applied to various fields such as drugs, health food, cosmetics, agrochemicals R&D.
Currently we holds a variety of herbal extracts and fractions from natural sources, and has continually refined as more than a hundred kinds of natural materials. Also, we provide the natural bio-based chemical family compounds (flavonids, alkaloids, terpenoids, lignans, etc) for biological activity screening and analysis.
The purified natural phytochemicals are available in most powder form (vial or etc.), some materials will be provided in a liquid phase, depending on the characteristics.
It provides with a variety of analysis data (HPLC, UV, MS, NMR data) for the material you purchase.
Please contact the following for more information and quotation (Tel.+82 42 939 4545, E-mail:
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