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  • About EnsolBio Bank
Welcome to EnsolBio, and we would greatly appreciate your interest about our products.
As the BT‧IT convergent biotechnology company for bioinformatics and drug discovery, Ensol Biosciences has been proceeding ongoing excavations for a variety of natural core materials in the field of drug R&D for a while and then founded EPM(EnsolBio Phytochemicals Mall) in 2015. So far we has enhanced the efficiency of extraction and isolation of natural materials present in Nature through the EPPA (EnsolBio Products Purification & Analysis) platform technology, and directly produced a variety of rare natural materials.
We have improved the reliability of the quality of the products using various high-tech analysis equipments and systems, and then will supply numerous rare natural materials to research groups in the fields of drug, food and cosmetic.
In addition, we are committed to providing more practical information and contents about natural products through a sufficient convergence on customer feedback.
In the near future, we hope to grow as the customer-friendly world leader company in the field of natural materials by excavating over 10,000 natural materials until 2020.
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